Hunkering For a Massage Therapy Career: Choose the Best Portable Massage Table for Your Practice Part 2

In part 2 of our look at Portable massage tables, we look at two additional types of tables as well as what you should look for when making that final purchase.


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Lightweight Tilt Portable (Mobile) Massage Table – If a massage therapist wants to make this a full-time career, this type of table will do quite well. It’s also made of aluminum and is very robust. It can be carried very easily and is convenient to meet the needs of the client.

Student Massage Tables – These tables are great for people who are interested in making massage therapy a full-time career. Student massage tables are strong and have all the features that students need. There’s no need for additional add-ons either, often seen with professional tables.


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What You Need To Look For When Making a Portable Massage Table Purchase

massagetable2The last thing you should be concerned about when you’re buying a transportable massage table is the price. They are going to be expensive, but don’t be discouraged because you can find affordable ones that will meet your needs. Find massage table packages that give you a warranty along with good deals. Above all, you want to ensure that your client is comfortable. This means that you should seek out packages that not only give you the flexibility to do your work but that are also comfortable for the client. Be sure you get a modifiable headrest and protective case. You should be aware that the amenities will run up the price.

If you want a soft table, go for cushions with extra foam in them. Remember that quality of foam is just as important as the quantity of it, as is the table’s durability. Make sure that your table can handle any kind of environment including extreme weather. Be sure you study the warranty; find tables that give you a lifetime warranty.

Regardless of whether you’re a student or a professional massage therapist, you can find all sorts of great portable tables in an assortment of packages. Many of these tables will fit your budget, including those of the well-known and esteemed massage table brands.

Hunkering For a Massage Therapy Career: Choose the Best Portable Massage Table for Your Practice Part 1


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Not too long ago, when people needed massage therapy, they generally had to lie on the floor and get a floor massage. This is no longer the case today. Thanks to modern technological advancements, massage practitioners have an array of choices of massage tables to pick from, including what size they want and the type of table they desire.

The prized possession of any massage therapist is the portable massage table. Remember that massage therapists learn the art of relaxing the soft tissue and tense joints of the body, using their hands. This type of table enables them to provide this service anywhere, anytime.

What You Generally Find With Massage Tables

Massage tables generally have a pair of legs at every corner with two pairs of recessed legs in the middle. This type of design enables the massage therapist to work with any body size and weight without any undue stress on the table. It also means the massage therapist won’t have to start and stop the massage therapy in order to keep adjusting the table legs. Also, they won’t have to worry when they have a client that is abnormally large. Non-stationary table designs are typically made of aluminum, plus various wood and fibers. Most therapists prefer the aluminum material for their portable massage table. After all, it’s lightweight, durable, and simple to set up/take down.

Examining the Four Different Kinds of Portable Massage Tables

When you’re out shopping and looking at massage tables, you’re going to find several portable designs being offered on the market. Some companies that make aluminum portable tables include Custom Craftworks, EarthLite, and Instep.

Aluminum Portable (Mobile) Massage Tables – Some of the more popular massage tables are ones that are made from aluminum; they are designed to be comfortable and can be found in many shapes and sizes. The backrests and height of these tables are adjustable plus they come with foam cushions, shoulder recesses, and face cradles. Each feature is widely known for its ability to keep blood from being restricted in the arms. On top of that, the portable table can be folded into a neatly compact kit.

massage table

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Lightweight Adjustable Portable (Mobile) Massage Table – This popular table is made up of lightweight materials such as aluminum.  The adjustable massage table is a bit smaller than ordinary tables and weighs less than 30 pounds. There are many wonderful adjustable features that can be found on this table including a face rest, headrest, and arm shelf. These tables are sturdy and light so a massage therapist can easily carry it from one client’s home to the next. You can even use it outdoors if you need to.


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In part two of this article, we’ll look at two other portable massage tables as well as what you should look for when making that final purchase.

Helping the Bottom Line

Every business wants to realize a healthy profit by making sure that the money which goes out is a lot less than the money which comes in. This can be easier for some businesses than others.


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Owners of spas and other small businesses as well as professionals such as chiropractors and dentists may find that the cost of staffing can really start cutting into the overall profit margin. No business owner can afford to take the time to answer the phones themselves, as their time is best spent interacting with clients and customers.  However, how can customers fully patronize your business if there are limited staffing resources to answer the phone and assist with making their appointments?

One answer is the use of online scheduling software.  Online scheduling software can take a huge workload off of small business owners, professional offices, and their support staff by putting the task of appointment scheduling into the hands of the clients themselves.

Take a look at the phones in your business and how often they ring each day. Do a brief survey of your staff to find out just how much time they spend going over scheduling with the various clients who call in.  If thirty people call a day just to book their appointments, and each call takes an average of five minutes (a low estimate), that’s almost three hours that desk staff spend on the phone! That’s a lot of money.

By setting up an online scheduling feature on your company website, you can cut down on that time greatly. This will allow you to get by with fewer employees or, alternately, allow the employees you do have to concentrate on other tasks. In short, using online scheduling software can really increase the profit any business realizes each month.

Letting Clients Know

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There’s no doubt that adding an online scheduling feature to the website of your business will be beneficial. However, it will only work if people know it is there. You need to be sure that both your regular clients as well as those whom you have not yet met know that they have the option of scheduling appointments, rooms, or facilities your business operates from the comfort of their own home. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

The first people to find out about this convenient new feature you offer should be your regular clients. In fact, it is probably these people whom the online scheduling feature will benefit the most. They are also the easiest for you to reach with the news since, after all, they are regulars! When they come in for their next appointment or contact you over the phone, let them know about the new feature you have. When they come in, give them a business card with your business’ site on it so they can go there themselves and have a look at the online scheduling feature.

Letting new clients know about your online scheduling option is not that much harder. Odds are that you get new people in your doors either through marketing, or through walk-ins. You’ll let walk-ins know about your service the same way as you do repeat customers; simply tell them.

You can use the marketing you already have in place to announce your online scheduling system to those customers who have not yet been introduced to your business. Simply add a short bit of information to all your ads (whether print, television, or radio) which lets them know that the feature is now available. One short line should do it.

Advertising the Opportunity

So you have come to the conclusion that setting up an online scheduling service on your website will help generate new business as well as make your current clients even happier. Whether you run a health or dental clinic, a sports facility, gym, or any number of other appointment-oriented businesses, online scheduling has proven to be a great way to meet customers’ needs. But how do you go about letting them know that this option is available?


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The most important people you need to let know first are your repeat clients. Repeat clients are the lifeblood of any business, and you need to take care of them as best you can. Fortunately getting the word out to these important customers is fairly easy. When they come in for their next appointment or phone ahead to schedule, let them know about the new feature on your website. If you’re talking to them face to face, make sure that you give them a business card with your website on it. Tell them how easy and convenient it is to use this new service.

Letting new clients know about your online scheduling option is not that much harder. Odds are that you get new people in your doors either through marketing or through walk-ins. You’ll let walk-ins know about your service the same way as you do repeat customers – simply tell them.

For those customers you haven’t met yet, though, you’ll have to be a little more inventive. Add a line to your advertising that states that online scheduling is available for your business. A simple “online appointments now available” under your phone number in the Yellow Pages or other marketing mediums will work just fine.

Remember, in order for online scheduling to benefit your business, customers need to know about it!

Online Booking for Your Clients: How to Integrate Online Scheduling into Your Business

When you think of online booking features, you may believe that these services are best reserved for large businesses. However, small businesses stand to gain a great deal from online appointment scheduling features as well. Online booking frees up your receptionist’s time, allowing her to concentrate on other things. Once your online booking feature becomes established, you may even be able to cut back on office staffing. The success of online booking is dependent on many factors including advertising, placement and ease of use. Fortunately, all of these factors are yours to control. So, the success of your online booking service is totally up to you.

When you first introduce your online booking feature, your clients will be slow to use it. After you educate your clients, however, they will become more used to the feature and start making appointments online. After they see how easy it is to book appointments online, they will brag about the feature and recommend it to their friends and family.

The following tips will help you introduce your online booking feature and draw more clients to the service:

  1. It is extremely frustrating to go online to do something that should be quick and easy only to find that it takes forever because you can’t find the information you need. If you want your clients to be able to book appointments online, you need to prominently display the option on your website. You might want to include several links from your landing page to your booking page. You should also include a link to the feature from every page of your website.
  2. If you want people to use your new feature, you have to tell them about it. Talk to clients when they are in your office and instruct your receptionist to tell everyone who calls to make an appointment about the new feature. Be sure to talk about how easy and convenient the new feature is.
  3. Print new business cards that advertise the new service. Include the website address and easy “how to” instructions.
  4. Advertise the new booking feature in the office by hanging signs and flyers in the waiting room.
  5. Include a message on bills, invoices and receipts that encourages clients to check out the new feature and use it to book their next appointment.
  6. If your office has an answering service or automated voice message system, change the message to include instructions about online booking. Clients calling after hours can then be directed to your website where they can make an appointment.
  7. Send out a newsletter about the service to everyone on your mailing list.
  8. Compile a mailing list from all of your customer files and send out post cards. Not only will this help you inform current clients about your new feature, it allows you to make contact with old clients and get them back in your office.
  9. Write about your new service on your blog and website.
  10. Submit a press release to your local newspaper. You might even want to think about purchasing some advertising while you’re at it.

Promotions are also a great way to get the word out. Offer discounts to those that use the online booking feature instead of calling in to make an appointment. People will do anything to save a few dollars. The goal is to lure people in with savings and hook them with the ease of use and convenience of online booking.

If you promote this exciting new service, your clients will use it. Once they become familiar with the system, online booking will become an integral part of your services.

Spa Management: How to Increase Client Retention


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The bread and butter clients for every business are the ones who keep coming back for more. You spend a lot of money on advertising just to get a client to take that first step through your door. If you treat them well, they will come back. If you treat them really well, they may bring some of their friends with them. Impressing a client that is visiting your spa is always easier and more cost effective than trying to pull a new client in off the streets. The following tips will help you do just that:

  1. Your client should feel like the world revolves around them when they are at your spa. Your staff should slow down when they are around clients and focus on every word that they have to say. Train your staff to look into the client’s eye and really listen to what they have to say. Remember; you are not only selling the service, you are selling yourselves.
  2. Customer representatives, spa managers and receptionists should have direct contact with clients. Assign each client a special representative to take care of all of their needs. Their representative can guide them through their visit and help them choose products, book appointments, answer questions and more. Let the client know that so and so is their special “go to” person. It will make them feel cared for. You may have to pay more payroll, but repeat business will make up for the deficit.
  3. Clients do not feel comfortable in a hard-selling atmosphere. It is your job to recommend products and services, but you shouldn’t shove them down your client’s throat. If you convince a client why they need something through a soft approach, they will be more likely to buy it.
  4. Make choices easy for your clients. The first-time client will probably be overwhelmed by all that you offer. Create package deals that make choosing easier. You can even customize packages for special events such as proms and weddings.
  5. The follow up is vital in any service-oriented business. Have each client’s personal representative phone them a couple of days after their spa visit to see how they enjoyed it. Always invite them to return and offer special incentives such as discounts, specials and coupons to seal the deal.

Customer Service Tips: How to Retain Customers and Increase Referrals

Photo by dotbenjamin on Flickr

Photo by dotbenjamin on Flickr

The most effective marketing strategy that you can use to increase customer retention is stellar customer service. If customers are treated right, they will return. A happy customer also helps build your business through referrals. Let’s face it; customers do not have to come to your business to spend their money. They have options. You have to make them want to continue to do business with you, and you can do so by making them feel important and welcome. You have to show them why you deserve their patronage.

Above all, your customers want to feel understood and valued. They want to feel comfortable and welcomed whenever they enter your business. Creating an atmosphere that is friendly, helpful and courteous is vital. The following tips will help you train your staff to create an atmosphere that will keep customers coming back for more:

Whenever possible, customers should be greeted with their name. If you meet with customers by appointment, your staff should be aware of who is expected to arrive next. Repeat customers should always be greeted by name as they enter. If a staff member does not know the name of a new customer, he or she should ask for the name and use it throughout the rest of the visit.

Customers deserve undivided attention. A customer being waited on at the reception desk should never be made to wait while the phone is answered or some other office task is performed. Your staff should stop everything that they are doing and focus on the customer. They should listen attentively to what the customer has to say and answer the request immediately. If your customers feel like they are important, they will return.

Photo by Rain Rannu on Flickr

Photo by Rain Rannu on Flickr

Mistakes cannot be avoided. You are, after all, only human. Customers understand that you will make mistakes. If a mistake occurs, you need to own up to it. Admit the mistake and take responsibility for it. Apologize and assure the customer that it will be resolved. If a complaint is handled professionally and courteously, the customer will leave with a positive attitude about your business. The goal of customer service is to turn every customer into a customer for life.

Health Club Customer Service: Online Booking Equals 24 Hour Service

If you want your health club business to grow, advertising is only part of the equation. Not only do you need to attract new customers to your business, you need to retain your current clients as well. It is proven that clients will continue using a health club if the service is great and if it is convenient. If customers feel like they are getting slighted or if they are inconvenienced overmuch, they will move on to your competitors.

Photo by adifansnet on Flickr

Photo by adifansnet on Flickr

One thing that you can do to make your club more convenient than others is to offer online scheduling through your website. Adding a booking feature to your website will allow your clients to book appointments with their trainers and nutritionists. A booking feature will also let clients reserve a spot in a particularly busy class.

Additionally, you could gain new clients with such a feature. Most health clubs that offer online booking features have different landing pages for existing clients and new clients. When an existing client visits the site, they can log in and make appointments with their assigned trainer. The information displayed will be specific to the client. New clients, on the other hand, will be directed to a customer service representative who will learn more about them before they place them with a particular trainer. Building referrals for new clients in such a way gives customer service representatives leads that help them sign interested persons up for membership.

Online booking is available to your clients 24-hours a day. Clients can book appointments anytime, anywhere. Let’s face it; people are busy. They may not always have time to call during regular business hours. Trainers can also have tricky schedules. So, it is always a challenge to book clients with busy trainers. Online booking allows clients to book an appointment with their favorite trainer without having to get in touch with them. If trainers need certain blocks of time blacked out, they can easily do this themselves using the same, convenient booking feature.

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with online scheduling features. You can easily add such a feature to your website by purchasing software. The software requires an initial investment, but it is only a fraction of what you would pay if you hired someone to take care of booking for you.

Increase Bookings by Letting Spa Customers Make Appointments through Your Website

Photo by Dennis Wong on Flickr

Photo by Dennis Wong on Flickr

Spas are notorious for cancellations and empty appointment slots. If you have a lot of free time during the day due to cancellations and poor booking, you could easily boost your daily income with an online booking feature. An online booking feature will allow people to see what slots are open online without having to call in to make an appointment. If there is an available slot, they can book it with the click of a mouse.

Online booking is great for filling up those empty time slots because it gives last minute bookers a chance to get in and out quickly. You can snag customers who suddenly became in the mood for a spa treatment. You can also lure in people who hate making appointments in advance.

Not only does online booking grab the last minute schedulers, it also helps clients book appointments well in advance. Existing, regular clients can use online booking to schedule a treatment with their favorite technician or schedule a series of treatments. Some people enjoy going to the spa on the same day, at the same time. Online booking allows such clients to book appointments well into the future and reserve their special slot.

Photo by Rober Scoble on Flickr

Photo by Rober Scoble on Flickr

Sometimes it is just not convenient to make a phone call. Online booking allows clients to make appointments using their computer, cell phone or PDA. They can easily jump online and see if there is something available that works with their schedule. If there is a slot open, they can book it without having to worry that it will be snatched up before they get a hold of a receptionist.

Online scheduling also helps boost bookings for new technicians. Technicians can post profiles to attract clients along with discount offers. When clients read the profiles and see how many bargain spots are open for a new technician, the spots will start filling up. This method of advertising new technicians is much better than trying to push existing clients off on the new tech.

There are many benefits associated with online booking. For the fraction of the cost that it would take to hire another receptionist, you could add this convenient feature to your website.