Hunkering For a Massage Therapy Career: Choose the Best Portable Massage Table for Your Practice Part 2

In part 2 of our look at Portable massage tables, we look at two additional types of tables as well as what you should look for when making that final purchase.
Lightweight Tilt Portable (Mobile) Massage Table – If a massage therapist wants to make this a full-time career, this type of table will do quite [...]

Hunkering For a Massage Therapy Career: Choose the Best Portable Massage Table for Your Practice Part 1

Not too long ago, when people needed massage therapy, they generally had to lie on the floor and get a floor massage. This is no longer the case today. Thanks to modern technological advancements, massage practitioners have an array of choices of massage tables to pick from, including what size they want and the type [...]

Helping the Bottom Line

Every business wants to realize a healthy profit by making sure that the money which goes out is a lot less than the money which comes in. This can be easier for some businesses than others.
Owners of spas and other small businesses as well as professionals such as chiropractors and dentists may find that the [...]

Spa Management: How to Increase Client Retention

The bread and butter clients for every business are the ones who keep coming back for more. You spend a lot of money on advertising just to get a client to take that first step through your door. If you treat them well, they will come back. If you treat them really well, they may [...]

Health Club Customer Service: Online Booking Equals 24 Hour Service

If you want your health club business to grow, advertising is only part of the equation. Not only do you need to attract new customers to your business, you need to retain your current clients as well. It is proven that clients will continue using a health club if the service is great and if [...]

Increase Bookings by Letting Spa Customers Make Appointments through Your Website

Spas are notorious for cancellations and empty appointment slots. If you have a lot of free time during the day due to cancellations and poor booking, you could easily boost your daily income with an online booking feature. An online booking feature will allow people to see what slots are open online without having to [...]

Customer Retention: How to Retain Existing Health Club Clients and Attract New Ones

Health clubs have a lot of competition. If you are the owner of a health club, gym or spa, you are aware of the competition and know that you have to stay one step ahead of them. Your bread and butter clients are your repeat clients. You need to do everything you can to retain [...]