Customer Service Tips: How to Retain Customers and Increase Referrals

Photo by dotbenjamin on Flickr

Photo by dotbenjamin on Flickr

The most effective marketing strategy that you can use to increase customer retention is stellar customer service. If customers are treated right, they will return. A happy customer also helps build your business through referrals. Let’s face it; customers do not have to come to your business to spend their money. They have options. You have to make them want to continue to do business with you, and you can do so by making them feel important and welcome. You have to show them why you deserve their patronage.

Above all, your customers want to feel understood and valued. They want to feel comfortable and welcomed whenever they enter your business. Creating an atmosphere that is friendly, helpful and courteous is vital. The following tips will help you train your staff to create an atmosphere that will keep customers coming back for more:

Whenever possible, customers should be greeted with their name. If you meet with customers by appointment, your staff should be aware of who is expected to arrive next. Repeat customers should always be greeted by name as they enter. If a staff member does not know the name of a new customer, he or she should ask for the name and use it throughout the rest of the visit.

Customers deserve undivided attention. A customer being waited on at the reception desk should never be made to wait while the phone is answered or some other office task is performed. Your staff should stop everything that they are doing and focus on the customer. They should listen attentively to what the customer has to say and answer the request immediately. If your customers feel like they are important, they will return.

Photo by Rain Rannu on Flickr

Photo by Rain Rannu on Flickr

Mistakes cannot be avoided. You are, after all, only human. Customers understand that you will make mistakes. If a mistake occurs, you need to own up to it. Admit the mistake and take responsibility for it. Apologize and assure the customer that it will be resolved. If a complaint is handled professionally and courteously, the customer will leave with a positive attitude about your business. The goal of customer service is to turn every customer into a customer for life.

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