Helping the Bottom Line

Every business wants to realize a healthy profit by making sure that the money which goes out is a lot less than the money which comes in. This can be easier for some businesses than others.


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Owners of spas and other small businesses as well as professionals such as chiropractors and dentists may find that the cost of staffing can really start cutting into the overall profit margin. No business owner can afford to take the time to answer the phones themselves, as their time is best spent interacting with clients and customers.  However, how can customers fully patronize your business if there are limited staffing resources to answer the phone and assist with making their appointments?

One answer is the use of online scheduling software.  Online scheduling software can take a huge workload off of small business owners, professional offices, and their support staff by putting the task of appointment scheduling into the hands of the clients themselves.

Take a look at the phones in your business and how often they ring each day. Do a brief survey of your staff to find out just how much time they spend going over scheduling with the various clients who call in.  If thirty people call a day just to book their appointments, and each call takes an average of five minutes (a low estimate), that’s almost three hours that desk staff spend on the phone! That’s a lot of money.

By setting up an online scheduling feature on your company website, you can cut down on that time greatly. This will allow you to get by with fewer employees or, alternately, allow the employees you do have to concentrate on other tasks. In short, using online scheduling software can really increase the profit any business realizes each month.

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