Hunkering For a Massage Therapy Career: Choose the Best Portable Massage Table for Your Practice Part 1


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Not too long ago, when people needed massage therapy, they generally had to lie on the floor and get a floor massage. This is no longer the case today. Thanks to modern technological advancements, massage practitioners have an array of choices of massage tables to pick from, including what size they want and the type of table they desire.

The prized possession of any massage therapist is the portable massage table. Remember that massage therapists learn the art of relaxing the soft tissue and tense joints of the body, using their hands. This type of table enables them to provide this service anywhere, anytime.

What You Generally Find With Massage Tables

Massage tables generally have a pair of legs at every corner with two pairs of recessed legs in the middle. This type of design enables the massage therapist to work with any body size and weight without any undue stress on the table. It also means the massage therapist won’t have to start and stop the massage therapy in order to keep adjusting the table legs. Also, they won’t have to worry when they have a client that is abnormally large. Non-stationary table designs are typically made of aluminum, plus various wood and fibers. Most therapists prefer the aluminum material for their portable massage table. After all, it’s lightweight, durable, and simple to set up/take down.

Examining the Four Different Kinds of Portable Massage Tables

When you’re out shopping and looking at massage tables, you’re going to find several portable designs being offered on the market. Some companies that make aluminum portable tables include Custom Craftworks, EarthLite, and Instep.

Aluminum Portable (Mobile) Massage Tables – Some of the more popular massage tables are ones that are made from aluminum; they are designed to be comfortable and can be found in many shapes and sizes. The backrests and height of these tables are adjustable plus they come with foam cushions, shoulder recesses, and face cradles. Each feature is widely known for its ability to keep blood from being restricted in the arms. On top of that, the portable table can be folded into a neatly compact kit.

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Lightweight Adjustable Portable (Mobile) Massage Table – This popular table is made up of lightweight materials such as aluminum.  The adjustable massage table is a bit smaller than ordinary tables and weighs less than 30 pounds. There are many wonderful adjustable features that can be found on this table including a face rest, headrest, and arm shelf. These tables are sturdy and light so a massage therapist can easily carry it from one client’s home to the next. You can even use it outdoors if you need to.


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In part two of this article, we’ll look at two other portable massage tables as well as what you should look for when making that final purchase.

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