Increase Bookings by Letting Spa Customers Make Appointments through Your Website

Photo by Dennis Wong on Flickr

Photo by Dennis Wong on Flickr

Spas are notorious for cancellations and empty appointment slots. If you have a lot of free time during the day due to cancellations and poor booking, you could easily boost your daily income with an online booking feature. An online booking feature will allow people to see what slots are open online without having to call in to make an appointment. If there is an available slot, they can book it with the click of a mouse.

Online booking is great for filling up those empty time slots because it gives last minute bookers a chance to get in and out quickly. You can snag customers who suddenly became in the mood for a spa treatment. You can also lure in people who hate making appointments in advance.

Not only does online booking grab the last minute schedulers, it also helps clients book appointments well in advance. Existing, regular clients can use online booking to schedule a treatment with their favorite technician or schedule a series of treatments. Some people enjoy going to the spa on the same day, at the same time. Online booking allows such clients to book appointments well into the future and reserve their special slot.

Photo by Rober Scoble on Flickr

Photo by Rober Scoble on Flickr

Sometimes it is just not convenient to make a phone call. Online booking allows clients to make appointments using their computer, cell phone or PDA. They can easily jump online and see if there is something available that works with their schedule. If there is a slot open, they can book it without having to worry that it will be snatched up before they get a hold of a receptionist.

Online scheduling also helps boost bookings for new technicians. Technicians can post profiles to attract clients along with discount offers. When clients read the profiles and see how many bargain spots are open for a new technician, the spots will start filling up. This method of advertising new technicians is much better than trying to push existing clients off on the new tech.

There are many benefits associated with online booking. For the fraction of the cost that it would take to hire another receptionist, you could add this convenient feature to your website.

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