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There’s no doubt that adding an online scheduling feature to the website of your business will be beneficial. However, it will only work if people know it is there. You need to be sure that both your regular clients as well as those whom you have not yet met know that they have the option of scheduling appointments, rooms, or facilities your business operates from the comfort of their own home. Let’s take a look at how to do this.

The first people to find out about this convenient new feature you offer should be your regular clients. In fact, it is probably these people whom the online scheduling feature will benefit the most. They are also the easiest for you to reach with the news since, after all, they are regulars! When they come in for their next appointment or contact you over the phone, let them know about the new feature you have. When they come in, give them a business card with your business’ site on it so they can go there themselves and have a look at the online scheduling feature.

Letting new clients know about your online scheduling option is not that much harder. Odds are that you get new people in your doors either through marketing, or through walk-ins. You’ll let walk-ins know about your service the same way as you do repeat customers; simply tell them.

You can use the marketing you already have in place to announce your online scheduling system to those customers who have not yet been introduced to your business. Simply add a short bit of information to all your ads (whether print, television, or radio) which lets them know that the feature is now available. One short line should do it.

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